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Innova AutoPilot Computerized Quilting System
Add the AutoPilot computerized robotics system to any Innova or other brand longarm quilting machine for the ultimate in professional custom quilting. Increase your productivity and release your creativity with an AutoPilot™ Computerized Quilting System. Follow the easy steps to fast Edge to Edge quilting or use the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece. Equipped with the Dell All-in-One Touch PC or similar, the AutoPilot™ provides you capabilities for intricate design layout, editing, and complete control of final pattern stitch out. The incredible quick release system allows the quilter to easily go back to free-motion quilting in just a few seconds.

AutoPilot™ comes standard loaded with hundreds of patterns and has the ability to upload .DXF file format patterns, or Innova’s proprietary .PAT file format, providing compatibility with thousands of digitized quilting patterns and designs. Designs are available from dozens of well known pattern designers on the internet or you may draw your own by using software such as Art-n-Stitch, Autosketch or Pro-Q designer. With the AutoPilot™ automatic cross-hatching can be created quickly and easily in just a few simple steps. Patterns can be resized, trimmed, copied, aligned, and rotated on both the X and Y axis. Free-motion quilting can be recorded and saved so the recording can be used on the current quilt or at a later time. Virtual push pins are included that allow for marking specific locations on a quilt without leaving marks on your quilt. The thread break recovery feature is an excellent safeguard, in the event that the bobbin thread runs out. The sewing head can be moved to the exact location and stitching can resume from that point. Building on the Innova’s ability to sew 3000 stitches per minute, the maximum travel speed is 15 inches per second with an average travel speed of 8 inches per second. Autopilot™ Robotics system operates under true servo control the same as found on our large format CNC industrial quilting machines. ABM International has been manufacturing computerized quilting machines since the late 1970’s and has proven the Autopliot™ system to be both reliable and efficient. The AutoPilot™ is an excellent addition to the INNOVA™ longarm quilting system.
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